How do I unlock my iPhone from any network carrier?

Almost all iPhone users face the same issue. Having to put up with a poor service and ever increasing prices from their Network Carrier. Being locked into that is not something anyway wants to experience.

This article will show you how to unlock your iPhone from any network carrier.

I recommend using an IMEI unlocker like Unlock Monster. Our unlocking service will safely and permanently unlock your iPhone. No more dealing with rubbish cell coverage or sky rocketing fees.

Sounds great right. Not only that but you can do it from the comfort of your own home, and continue using your iPhone like usual.

We offer iPhone unlocks for all the latest iPhone models including:

We can unlock most major GSM Carriers including:

What is next?

Once an iPhone unlock has been completed that iPhone is now permanently unlocked. Zero chance of it ever relocking. The iPhone unlock occurs at the Apple server level. Updating the firmware won’t affect your unlock status.

The method Unlock Monster uses is the Official recommended method by Apple. You are in good hands with us. This method is the same that many official networks use and charge you $190+ to unlock your iPhone. We want to give the best possible service and an unbeatable price to our customers.

That’s why we work with all the major GSM carriers to be able to offer our iPhone unlocks at a much lower price. Having the freedom to choose is something we want for all our customers.

At Unlock Monster, we like to keep everything as simple as possible. Which has allowed us to become one of the leading unlocking services online. It also helps us keep costs down for customers which is pretty great too.

It is your iPhone after all, you should be able to use it whenever and whereever you choose to.

Quick, Safe and Simple with Unlock Monster!

How to get your iPhone unlocked

To start the process all you need to do is click here. Okay for those that need a more detailed approach on what to do. Lets explain the process in depth a little.

On our iPhone homepage select the model of iPhone you want to unlock. It should be pretty easy to find your make as we have added lovely images. Once thats done you will end up on that models unlock page.

Choose your network carrier from the drop down list and click the big UNLOCK NOW! button. Can’t miss it.

At checkout we need only two things. Your Email address and your iPhone IMEI. That’s it. Like we said, we keep it simple. (dial *#06# to find your IMEI). Learn more about IMEIs here.

Once that has been completed. Your iPhone starts the unlock process.

We will send a lovely email stating that your unlock is successful. Nice.

The email will include step by step instructions on what to do next.

If things weren’t as simple as this for you then we always want to help.

Email us for support at We try our hardest to ensure every customer is taken care of properly.

A little recap

A recap of the unlock process for those that don’t want to read.

  • Choose your model on the iPhone unlock page.
  • Select your network from the dropdown list and click the big buy button.
  • At checkout enter your IMEI and email address
  • Recieve your code/unlock by email with step by step instructions.
  • Your iPhone is now unlocked, use what ever network you want.
  • Jump for joy.

Why Choose Unlock Monster to unlock your iPhone device!

  • We are The #1 trusted phone unlocking services in the USA.
  • The ability to use your iPhone with any network carriers
  • Zero risk to your phone (Apples recommended unlock method)  
  • Easy to follow step-by-step iPhone unlock instructions
  • Lowest prices available
  • Amazing customer support 24/7
  • 100% money-back GUARANTEE if we can’t unlock your iPhone 

Need Help?

have any questions? Contact Us anytime, Please. 

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