The benefits of unlocking your phone from your network carrier

What is a locked device?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of Network Unlocking. Let me give you a small over view about what a locked device is and what it means for you as a customer.

A locked mobile phone is a device that has had its firmware altered so that only one network will work. Inserting a sim card from a different network carrier will make no difference. Your phone will only work with the network that sold it.

An example of this would be if you bought an iPhone on a T-Mobile contract, then your phone is locked to T-Mobile. If you wanted to change network for any reason then your options are very limited.

You could buy a cheap device that was never factory locked or one where an unlock was already performed. Or my favourite, you can choose to unlock your current phone or iPhone. Still here? Good. Lets now discuss the Benefits of Unlocking your phone in greater detail.

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Use any network carrier, anywhere, anytime.

With your device unlocked, popping in any sim card that you want. That includes a foreign sim. Will work. Simple as that.

Inserting a new sim card into your unlocked cell phone will let you use it on that network. Found a better deal with a different carrier? Not a problem you can switch your sim card again.

You are not tied to a single carrier. A phone unlock will free up your device and let you choose who you want to use.
This allows you to avoid the huge costs and long-term contracts from a network carrier such as AT&T.

Travelling abroad

When it comes to travelling abroad its a no brainer to buy an unlock for your cell phone. With an unlocked phone or iPhone, travelling abroad becomes very cost effective.

Choosing to use a locked device abroad will result in some very hefty bank charges, and nobody wants that.

I know this from personal experience. Staying in an AirBnb without any wifi, the horror.
Forced to use my data. No surprise it ran out very fast. And then everything after that started to cost an absurd amount. Within a few minutes it was costing me more than I would like to share. The embarassment.

But a simple way to avoid this is to buy an unlock for your device and use a local sim card. You can avoid the huge costs with a small one time fee for a network unlock.

Your phone will function the same as it did back home. Then you can use a local network that will give you better coverage and connectivity in that country. The benefit here is pretty obvious and clear.

An inexpensive network unlock could save you a lot of money. Plus its permanent so you never have to worry about pesky roaming charges again.

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Selling your phone

If you are planning to sell your phone. Wether upgrading to a new device or wanting to make a quick buck. Then unlocking your phone before hand can be a great selling point.

Think about it for a moment. When shopping online for a second hand phone that you want. Would you rather have one that is currently locked and forces you to use? or would you rather one that is already free from any carriers?

Anyone wanting to buy a used phone does not want to be stuck using a network that is different from theirs.
Selling an unlocked phone is far more appealing and has a higher chance of selling. Plus you can sell it for a great deal more.

Did you know :
The resale value of an unlocked cell phone is increased by up to 30-40% more than a locked device.  

Use your phone on any network, anywhere in the world.

The reason cell phones are locked by carriers is because it keeps you on their service. In return, they offer deals that bundle the cost of the phone into your monthly subscription cost.
The problem is that staying with one network carrier is rarely beneficial to you. Over the course of your contract you actually end up paying more than it would have cost to buy outright.

Got a contract phone? A contract device can still be freed from its contract but is usually a much more complicated unlock. More complicated means more expensive.
Unlocking your phone will give you the flexibility to choose any network carrier. You can choose the best plan, service, and the best price.

In Conclusion

  • Any network carrier, anywhere, anytime
  • Permanent, safe and legal
  • Cost effective
  • Freedom to choose
  • Increases sale value

As you can see the benefits of unlocking your phone from your network carrier has huge benefits. It’s better to be free of a network and choose the one you want.

Why be locked into a contract that offers you a poor service at home and abysmal service abroad.
Unlocking your phone is one of the best things you can do for your phone and your wallet.

Did you know: Unlocking your phone in the United States was made legal back in August 2013. President Barack Obama signed The Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act into law. Making it legal once more to unlock your phone.     


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